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Mauricette’s Auto Repairs Inc specializes in autobody repairs for minor and major collisions, as well as, frame/chassis straightening on all makes and models of vehicles.
It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, such as Saima Paint Room, Chassis/Frame straightener and computerized measuring system.

Mauricette’s Auto Repairs Inc has met the criteria for inspection and has remained on the List of Approved Garages for 2008.  The approved category “A” covers the responsibilities of Repair Estimates, inspections for road worthiness and valuations for all vehicles under 7 tons.

Mauricette’s Auto Repairs Inc is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, such as

Saima Paint Room

This room measuring 26 ft x 13 ft and is designed to allow the paint to dry faster in a dust-free environment and prevents contamination from entering the paint.  It also allows the gloss to last longer.

MIG Welding
A welding system that does not produce as much heat as the Oxyacetylene welding. MIG welding does not damage the structure of the vehicle.  It is one of the recommended welding systems used for the modernized vehicles of today. 

Frame/Chassis Straightener
A 24 ft long Blackhawk Bench Chassis Straightener designed to clamp the vehicle to the bench.  It comprises of 2 -10 tons pulling towers which allows straightening to be carried around the vehicle.

Dent Pullers
An electrical system that allow dents to be removed from vehicle panels with minimal damage.  It can also be used to shrink  stretched panels.

Shark Computerised Measuring System
A measuring system designed to measure the vehicle according to the manufacturer’s specifications using ultrasound technology and allows the user to prepare estimates and diagnostics.  It has the measurements for all the vehicles manufactured and has the facility for updates to be installed regularly.